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Learn to choose your curtains well

Learn to choose your curtains well! 😉
Tip 1: Size of the window. If you have windows over 8 feet tall, we can recommend a more elegant style such as fabric curtains. For example; Ripple-Fold and the Grommets Panels.
Tip 2: Type of window: If the window is modern, the curtain should follow the same pattern as the Duo Shades; If you are looking for elegance, a curtain with more volume is available like the Grommets Panels (like the one in the photo).
Tip 3: Environmentalize the common areas by letting light filter and remember NOT to disturb the area. That is, if you have a nice view don't lose it choosing a very thick fabric.
Thank you for taking your time and remember, we have curtains ready in inventory, you DON'T have to wait for us to manufacture them;)