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How to measure

🚨 How to measure to request a quote for curtains🚨 ⬇️⬇️⬇️
The exact steps to measure windows may vary slightly depending on the style of window treatment you choose. Then, before removing the tape measure, be sure to reduce your options to the curtain style you want to order. (Roman Shades, Roll ups, Duo Shades, drapery fabrics, sliding panels, cloth legs)
One of the most important steps is to measure both height and width in 3 places: top, middle and bottom. This allows you to be sure that your blinds will adjust, even if your windows have a different size at the top or bottom of the opening.
If your windows are high and the top is out of your reach, it is still important to take a ladder and measure at the top. You would hate to skip that step and not have curtains that fit.
Some people assume that if they measure the old curtains in their window, they will receive the exact same size. However, the measurements are based on opening the window and will be too narrow if you do so.
I would not believe how often people get the wrong size blinds simply because they mix width and height. The width is horizontal and the height is vertical.
Now that you are ready, send us the measurements and / or photos of the windows, we can quote you by this same means 😉 For better guidance call us at (787)793-3667